Kostas and I had the opportunity to visit Colorado recently. We now understand why they refer it to “Colourful Colorado”. The landscape varied so much and there were so many stunning and colourful geological sites. One of them being Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs.
      We were going to explore this place anyway, so put it out there for any couples wanting an adventure shoot with us…explore the sites and have photos at the same time.
      Our couple, Grace and Kurt are from Denver, Colorado… but surprisingly had never been to Garden of Gods. Grace told me that that they had eloped and never had any professional photos taken and was keen on some photos of just the two of them. Leaving their kids with the grandparents, they headed off for an adventure shoot with us!

      Due to our limited time in Colorado Springs, we didn’t have the option of shooting at Sunset… instead it took place middle of the day in Summer!! But lucky for us, it was overcast, we were cooled off with a little sprinkle of rain, which made visiting Garden of Gods an even more pleasant experience.