Engagement Shoot// Eeelyn & Johnson// Queenstown, NZ

      Eelyn and Johnson met me at our home to discuss the possibility of booking Kostas and I as their wedding photographers. Eelyn had been a bridesmaid for a previous wedding we had the pleasure of photographing and I had also photographed her sister’s growing family throughout the years… word of mouth referrals are held so dearly to us. They decided to book us as their photographers and we were beyond excited! Eelyn and Johnson told me they were also keen on some engagement/ pre-wedding photos and wanted mountain backdrops. I threw at them a crazy idea… what about Queenstown, New Zealand?¬†They had never been, and yes that was an idea they had never thought of entertaining. Later that night, Eelyn texted me and said they were keen on my wild idea!

      Queenstown was as beautiful as the last time I visited, and I was so happy to share the beautiful scenery with my gorgeous couple. We went on a bit of a road trip, stopping every few minutes because EVERYWHERE was just so captivating. The drive was such a great way to get to know Eelyn and Johnson, they were such thoughtful, sweet and generous couple. And I don’t know if they have always been this adventurous, but they were so open to all the suggestions I made, they were in such good spirits even when it was crazy windy, started raining, and weather kept changing from warm to cold… the excitement energy was buzzing the whole day. On top of that, I couldn’t help but observe their beautiful relationship, Johnson was always checking to see that Eelyn was warm enough and would wrap his arms around her to shield her from the wind, and Eelyn reciprocating by snuggling up and trying to keep him warm in return.

      We explored Queenstown, Lake Moke, Glenorchy and Crown Range.